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Internal Tax Resolution Changing Lives Since 2010

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Internal Tax Resolution is to satisfy each and every person in need, with a solution to their tax problem. To treat each and every individual with respect, honesty, and to deliver positive results to a pending tax issue swiftly and affordably.


Our core values are the foundation for success with our company. It begins by responding quickly and attentively your tax debt needs. Our team will help find the best payment method for our services that works within your budget. We work diligently and focus on your needs. Everyone is treated equally no matter what the circumstance.  The result is ending your tax issue completely.

I simply wanted to write today to let you, and all of the staff at Internal Tax and Resolution know how very pleased we are with the service we received from our assigned tax attorney. We recently received the offer from the IRS to settle our tax debt of over 45,000.00 for 4,000.00. This greatly exceeded our expectations.


Several years ago, after years of working for a large tax corporation that never cared about the average person in need, we decided to start our own company that actually cares when an average person has a tax dilemma. We also decided to base the customer experience with heartfelt and outstanding customer service accompanied by integrity as well as confidentiality. Our overall intent is to create a peace-of-mind experience lending a helping hand to those who need it most.

Our tax consultants and tax attorneys have more than 24 years’ experience in practicing tax law.  We stay up-to-date on the facts with regular training to help you with your tax problem quickly and efficiently.


We understand time sensitive deadlines administered by the IRS or the state and submit paperwork timely and effectively. We also, adhere to in house regulations set forth for security measures to include confidentiality and privacy notices.

Since the IRS and state tax laws are ever changing, we stay up-to-date throughout the year to ensure a positive end result to your tax resolution.

Called in today and spoke with Jerry in the office. I am helping a friend who is permanently disabled and has Federal back taxes. He is insolvent, has no assets, and has not worked for 2 years. After a little research of my own, I wasn’t sure how to go about a CNC designation from the IRS to remove the debt. Jerry was very helpful and knowledgeable about this as he explained the process, step-by-step, that I needed to take and he did this for no fee. Thanks Jerry!