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File Taxes – What If I Don’t Have Income?

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Should I File Taxes if I Don’t Have Any Income? Being allowed to skip filing your tax return and the related paperwork sounds like a good deal.  Any year you have minimal or no income, you may be able to do just that. However, it’s perfectly legal

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I Forgot to File My 1099!

I Forgot to File My 1099! If you are doing any kind of work as a self-employed individual, you will receive a 1099 form from whomever you worked for that year. The types of 1099 forms you may receive are as follows: 1099-DIV; informs the IRS that

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IRS Back Tax Collection Notice

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SIX TIPS IF YOU RECEIVE AN IRS TAX BACK TAX COLLECTION NOTICE If you get one of those terrifying IRS tax collection notices to collect Back Taxes, this tax collection notice is the last warning shot the IRS will fire before they empty your bank accounts or

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Tax Time!

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Tax time is just around the corner and for the New Year 2014 the staff at Internal Tax Resolution is proud to announce new services offered to taxpayers. Not only we will be able to get you completely in compliance with your unfiled back taxes, with our

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This holiday season give the gift of future financial planning with this handy-dandy Tax calendar from the IRS. We know just what you’ve always wanted! These holidays and dates below have recently been posted on the IRS website for 2014, and we wanted to share it with

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Thanksgiving Hours

At Internal Tax Resolution, we want to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving Day! This is the time to rejoice with your families and enjoy your time together, while enjoying some yummy food! Our offices will be closed for walk-ins on Thursday and Friday in observation

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Identity Thieves Took Home $4 Billion Last Year from the IRS

According to the inspector general’s report issued from CBS News, last year the IRS refunded $4 billion in fraudulent tax returns to identity thieves last year. So people using stolen identities are really hitting it big! The scary part is that most of the thieves are not

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Government Shutdown Update

The staff at Internal Tax Resolution would like you to know that we are still taking on new cases daily. Letters from the IRS are still being administered and distributed to taxpayers that owe the State or the Feds money. So please do not think that this

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Government Shutdown

It is very likely that the Government will shut down come 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, if they do not strike a deal regarding the spending bill today, Monday after 2 p.m. September 30th 2013. The Republicans and Democrats have been bickering after weeks of congressional back and forth;

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If you recently received a Notice of Intent to Levy, then you have 30 days to react and get proactive before the levy strikes. The IRS is required to notify the taxpayer of its intent to levy on your salary, your wages or other property that you

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