Let an Experienced Tax Service Help You File 1099 Tax Forms

April 15th is just around the corner, are you ready to file your taxes?

Being self employed can be a great gig, but when taxes are due it can become really stressful. You have to worry about things like deductions, exemptions, and whether or not you qualify for income credits.File 1099

Suddenly filing your taxes starts of feel like a second job in itself.

Sounds familiar? Call up a licensed tax preparation service like Internal Tax Resolution and we’ll take the guesswork out of doing your taxes. Our experienced staff are dedicated to providing detailed, personalized service to each one of our valued clients. We’ll carefully go through every part of your unique situation to ensure you get the maximum tax benefit.

Late on Filing Your 1099? Call us and we can help!

Here at Internal Tax Resolution we understand that sometimes people can go through hardships and might be a little late on filing their taxes. File 1099

Luckily, our experienced IRS tax attorneys are ready to study your case and assist you. They can not only help you not only file 1099 forms and a tax amendment, but also reduce or even eliminate any back tax debt or penalties.

Real Customer Review:

“I had a wonderful experience with the staff at Internal Tax Resolution here in Houston. I had trouble dealing with the IRS about my tax return for over 2 years… After two years of dealing with the IRS I contacted Internal Tax Resolution and they worked on my case right away. I was provided with a personal case worker that updated me weekly about the status of my return. In less than a month I received my past two years tax returns with interest.”

-Marcus W.

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