It is very likely that the Government will shut down come 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, if they do not strike a deal regarding the spending bill today, Monday after 2 p.m. September 30th 2013. The Republicans and Democrats have been bickering after weeks of congressional back and forth; a shutdown may likely be the end result, but not a conclusion to the problem. The government’s fiscal year runs from October 1st to September 30th.

The biggest question is why? The Republicans insist that the spending bill include ANTI-Obamacare amendments. The Senate Democrats are just as insistent that it does not. The health care law isn’t directly tied to funding the government; however they are using this as a bargaining chip. A group of Republicans, led by freshman Senator Ed Cruz of Texas, despises President Obama’s health care plan so much that it’s willing to risk government shutdown or default.

How does this affect Internal Tax Resolution? Our tax attorneys will not be able to make calls to the IRS on your behalf. It slows our entire system down. We are used to waiting on hold for hours at a time for our clients on an average work day, but this just complicates things to the fullest. If we can’t get through to the government then your case takes a backseat for another day or two or three depending on how long they decide to shutdown. Typically, it’s only one day to get their point across.  We just wanted you to be aware of what happened over the weekend. This is certainly something that the staff of Internal Tax Resolution does not have any control over.  As soon as we can make calls into the Feds again we will be working diligently on your case making those imperative calls right away. If you’re thinking of signing on with us, don’t let this update deter you. We can still have you fill out the appropriate forms and can still begin working with you about your case.

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