Did you know that with the tax season upon us scam artists are trying to steal your identity and possibly your tax refund? The staff at Internal Tax Resolution wants to make sure taxpayers are aware and stay proactive so they do not become victims of identity theft.

It is becoming more and more common for scam artists to acquire taxpayer’s names, birth dates and social security numbers. Once this information is in hand, anyone can file a fraudulent return and even steal an innocent taxpayer’s refund. The IRS is working to combat those problems, but often it is discovered after the fact!

So what can a taxpayer do to avoid becoming the victim of identity theft? Taxpayers need to protect their information and stay aware. Documents containing personal information including, your social security number should always be kept in a secure area.

You should always be suspicious of anyone who is asking you for your personal information, especially your social security number. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Who is the person asking for the information and why do they need it? Instead of using your last four of your social security number for security measures, opt for a four digit PIN code that is not linked to your bank accounts. Try using the last four numbers of your home phone rather than social security number.

It has become commonplace for scammers to send Emails that are disguised as though they are coming from the IRS. We have news for you, the IRS will NEVER Email you. Taxpayers often respond to these Emails because they are designed to look legitimate.

Internal Tax Resolution wants all taxpayers to protect their identity so they will never fall victim to an identity theft. If anyone has any questions regarding suspicious activity feel free to give us a call or consult the IRS direct at this website: www.irs.gov.