Did you know the IRS and Social Media are connected? The IRS provides taxpayers with a lot of useful information through various social media tools. Now that the April 15th deadline is behind us, taxpayers may prepare for 2014 filings in advance rather than scrambling at the last minute. We encourage taxpayers to explore the following social media tools:

1.) Visit the following website:http://www.irs.gov/ – This is the Internal Revenue Service’s website which will be full of useful information and is constantly updated. You can find useful tax forms, addresses to send in your tax forms, local IRS offices that are near you, and the latest news!

2.) Try the IRS2GO APP: This is a free mobile application, which is a useful tool to check in on your refund status, tax news, IRS YouTube videos, and you can also request tax records.

3.) Watch the YouTube videos: The IRS offers video tax tips on various topics in English, Spanish and American Sign Language.

4.) Flock over to Twitter: Follow tweets from @IRSnewsto get the latest tax related announcements and daily tax tips.

Please always remember to protect your privacy. The IRS offers the Social Media tools to share public information, NOT to answer any PERSONAL tax questions. Please do not ever post your social security number or any other confidential information on any social media sites.