Eliminate your owed back tax debt with an IRS Tax Attorney.

Do you owe the IRS a significant amount of back taxes? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Not sure how you can pay them back and still make your rent or car payments?

Don’t worry, an expert tax attorney like the friendly professionals at Internal Tax Resolution can help you reduce or even eliminate your debt.

Internal Tax Resolution is your one stop solution for back tax relief and wage garnishments. Our tax experts have years of experience with filing IRS appeals. We can help you:

  • reduce the total amount you oweIRS Tax Attorney
  • find new deductions and exemptions you’ve overlooked
  • customize a payment plan that works with your needs and schedule
  • stay current with changing tax laws

How Can an IRS Tax Attorney Help You?

Nothing’s more stressful than getting that letter from the IRS telling that you owe them back taxes.

Let Internal Tax Resolution reduce your financial burden and give you peace of mind. We can help you quickly eliminate your debt and get back on track, no matter how big or small the problem is.

Check out one of our real customer reviews:

“Internal Tax Resolution was a blessing! the IRS has hounded me for years about back taxes that were just stupid crazy. Thanks to Internal Tax Resolution my taxes on one year went from over $190,000.00 to under $5000.00! Within a week the garnishment was lifted and I was able to make affordable payment. Now no more hounding from the IRS. Thanks Internal Tax Resolution!”

– Neal H.

Let an IRS Tax Attorney Cut Your Tax Debt in Half

Our attorneys at Internal Tax Resolution understand that everyone’s financial situation is unique.IRS Tax Attorney Tax laws are constantly changing and we work diligently to stay up-to-date with them.

We’ll find the most accurate and current benefits that can apply to your case. Want to get started on the path to debt freedom? Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation!