Our Tax Resolutions

Having the IRS constantly on your back is stressful and annoying. Fortunately, there are professional tax attorneys who can keep them at bay on your behalf.

Tax Resolutions

At Internal Tax Resolutions, we’ve been helping Tampa residents as well as those in surrounding areas since 2010. Our combined backgrounds offer over 24 years worth of experience in solving your tax problems.

We came from a large firm where customers were treated like just another number instead of unique individuals. Our promise to clients has always been to provide the highest level of customer service not found in cold corporate environments. We understand what you’re going through and you’re not just a number to us.

Common Tax Resolutions

The most common tax resolution help involves working with the IRS on your behalf. If your back taxes have created an overwhelming situation, we can often negotiate a settlement for you that’s only a fraction of the total amount of taxes owed. Furthermore, we can get the IRS off your back immediately as soon as we start seeking resolution for your situation.

We can also help if the IRS has garnished your wages or has put a tax lien on your bank account. Our customers feel profound relief with us in their corners.

We strongly believe in providing top-quality customer service, meaning that your concerns and questions will be addressed efficiently and thoroughly. You’ll never feel like just another number or cog in the machine with Internal Tax Resolutions on your side. We’ll work with your individual situation for the best possible outcome.

Our tax attorneys also keep current on the latest tax laws and regulations. Our staff frequently participates in applicable seminars and training sessions designed to increase their ability to serve our clients.

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