Tax time
Tax time is just around the corner and for the New Year 2014 the staff at Internal Tax Resolution is proud to announce new services offered to taxpayers. Not only we will be able to get you completely in compliance with your unfiled back taxes, with our new tax preparation services, but we will be able to provide this service to you at an unbeatable price! Our tax prep services will be provided by your assigned tax attorney, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), or assigned Enrolled Agent (EA), when you hire us. When you call us for a free consultation, our tax consultants will work with your monthly budget and the amount of years you owe for unfiled back taxes. We will come up with a program that works best for you, the taxpayer.  As those unfiled years and back taxes accrue, so do the penalties! That’s why we now have incorporated our tax preparation services along with our tax resolution services together.

We were finding that while just strictly working on the tax resolution end of things for the taxpayer was great, our clients still needed more outside of our scope of services provided. We were finding that during the time our clients were getting their taxes prepped elsewhere, our attorneys were having to wait longer for a resolution than if the client had us just complete their taxes for them. So that is what we decided to do. When you call us for a tax resolution and discover that you have unfiled back taxes that need to be filed, we will be able to assist you in all areas.  Tax prep performed by a tax professional that will be working on your tax resolution, simply genius! This is like two worlds coming together into one.

The level of expertise and customer care will be simply amazing! Your taxes will be done quickly and swiftly and will get you safely into compliance with the IRS once again. Whether you are a W2 filer or 1099 filer, we can assist you with our experienced staff of tax preparers. If you just need stand-alone tax prep without a resolution, we will certainly consider your filings on a case by case basis. As of right now, we are diligently working to accommodate those suffering from unfiled back taxes and needing help for a tax resolution that will get them back into the good graces with the IRS. So when you are ready to resolve those back tax issues and have our professional team of tax experts guide you in the right direction to financial freedom, call us today for a free consultation.