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Finding a trustworthy resolution from a Tax Resolution Company can be tough…

We have all heard the stories about tax relief scams and some of the biggest tax resolution companies have gone out of business for unfair business practices. We believe and practice very different concepts. We know you are receiving stacks of letters from the IRS, and they are threatening to garnish your wages, levy your bank account, or perhaps collection action has already happened. Taking advantage of anyone in that situation is not what we here, at Internal Tax Resolution stands for!

Due to the weakened economy the IRS has become more aggressive in their collection actions, which in turn has created a higher number of taxpayers who are seeking professional help in solving their IRS problems. Due to this drastic growth, the tax resolution industry has also seen many new companies enter the resolution arena. Unfortunately, many companies are in the headlines for deceiving taxpayers rather than helping them. Internal Tax Resolution wishes to help the taxpayers in need, a reputable company for people to be able to turn to and trust.

How do you, the taxpayer, who needs help finding a tax resolution company, find one that you can trust? Here are some tips that will help you:


It is common practice for companies to request some type of down payment or retainer fee in order to get started on your case. The rest of the fee will be paid based on the fee agreement you sign. Many companies have been shut down by the Attorney General for demanding outrageous fees paid in full up front and then doing nothing for the taxpayer! Please remember that after you sign a contract and a Power of Attorney, if you do not hear from the tax resolution company on a regular basis, it is your right to contact them and ask for an update on your case. Our tax attorneys update our clients so they know what to expect throughout our program. We also offer a 10% discount if you would like to pay your contract off in full as an option.


A lot of companies use “salespeople” who simply take phone calls and are not trained in the tax resolution industry. Be extra cautious when dealing with someone who is pressuring you and taking advantage of your fears. Many of these companies use salespeople who work strictly on commission and their only concern is to close the deal. The more deals they close, the higher the commission, and some companies even use bonuses as incentives to apply high pressure tactics. They are not worried about the taxpayer who is in genuine fear of the IRS. At Internal Tax Resolution, our tax consultants are not “starving” for sales, and are on a completely different payroll concept, so you will never feel obligated to sign a contract until you were ready for us to take charge of that debt.


As a potential client you can tell a lot about how the firm will handle your case by looking at their track record. Firms often post client testimonials, which are a good indicator of clients who are happy with their services. Remember, as a potential client, you are interviewing the firm and can ask them many questions as you need to in order to feel comfortable in the fact that they will handle your tax issues and get you a resolution that is tailored to your needs. At Internal Tax Resolution we encourage you to ask us as many questions as you feel comfortable.


While inquiring with a potential tax resolution company, if they “guarantee” any specific result that is a red flag and you should move on immediately. They are telling you what you want to hear regardless of whether or not it is possible. At Internal Tax Resolution, we have extensive training courses throughout the year and work side by side tax attorneys. If we find that your case requires the attorney’s feedback, we would consult the tax attorneys and get back to you with the best possible advice. We never try to just sell to you unknowingly. However, our tax consultants are properly trained and have year’s of experience to work out a solution over the phone during your Free Consultation. if at anytime they feel they need the input from one of our tax attorneys, they will have them join in on the call.

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