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Wages Garnished from your Paycheck?

You are not alone. Internal Tax Resolution can help you quickly. We are real IRS tax attorneys who will take advantage of every potential option you may have to stop the IRS from seizing your assets and to decrease or eliminate your IRS debt.

Our IRS tax attorneys will guide you every step of the way.  If you have a mortgage or rent, plus a car payment and children in school – No problem.

We offer affordable, flat monthly fees, to fit anyone’s budget.

Simply give us a call, or discretely Email us your info to set up a FREE CONSULTATION.



You check your mail one day and there it is… a letter from the IRS!  If you are suffering from this recent bad news, we can help with your IRS back tax issue, and get you back on your feet again.  Stop looking over your shoulder in fear, and begin with one step towards tax debt relief today.


Perhaps the IRS has not garnished your wages from your employer but has applied a Tax Lien or Tax levy on your bank account or property. You need to act now!  Internal Tax Resolution will unleash the IRS hold on your account or property.  Don’t waste another day agonizing over your tax lien or tax levy.


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Internal Tax Resolution was a blessing! the IRS has hounded me for years about back taxes that were just stupid crazy. Thanks to Internal Tax Resolution my taxes on one year went from over $190,000.00 to under $5000.00! Within a week the garnishment was lifted and I was able to make affordable payment. Now no more hounding from the IRS. Thanks Internal Tax Resolution!!